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A little snow in December in the French Pyrenees

This is a photo of the Church at Pardies Pietat with the Pyrenees in the background. We are getting ready for another winter, if you can call it winter because the temperature so far has been very mild. It's really only this weekend that we started to feel the cold and damp. Winter here in St Abit doesn't last long and sometimes we reach temperatures up to 23 degrees in December. I'm not saying we can't have bad weather because we do especially torrential rain, this is the wettest part of France, but the bad weather is always interspersed by sunshine and it all dries up very quickly. What is so nice here is that we can always see the snow on the mountains which makes it feel very Christmassy, without the hassle of having to drive around in it down here on the "Plaine de Nay." It's a win win situation.

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