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I loved this film, so full of beautiful shots of Cuba and insights into the way of life...

Dernière mise à jour : 21 juin 2021

Director Asori Soto born 1980 in Habana, Cuba

I highly recommend this film. John and I visited Cuba in the 90's for a 2 week holiday and were blown away by the views, the cultural differences, the old cars.......the food however is not always good. This film explains why and much more!

Here's the IMDb description ....."This film was not just about food in Cuba, it was about the people, the culture, the land, the history. I feel like I got to travel to Cuba without the cost of the trip! Kudos to the director. We are taken to various places in Cuba and shown the food and culture of specific people in that area."

Mouth-watering photography, beautiful scenery, and such joy emanating from the people. I wish I could visit but I probably won't be able to get there. This film was an excellent substitute.

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