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Dreaming about travelling abroad?

Dernière mise à jour : 21 avr. 2022

I dream about travelling a lot, I daydream about it and make idle plans in my head or I surf the net and dream about where I'll go next. Of course I can't afford most of the holidays I look at. What I never do is dream about travelling when I'm in my bed fast asleep. So Was interested to stumble upon this website explains our travelling dreams....

What does Travelling Mean in a Dream?

Dreams of travel essentially denote your current state of mind when it comes to where you are in life. You may be excited to move forward, and you’re looking for every new opportunity, or you’re more apprehensive, you might not want to know what the future holds, and you feel lost. A journey in a dream represents the beginning of change, a shift in ideas, mentality, or your approach to life. If you dream of travelling somewhere specific, this reflects your state in waking life and the path you’re currently on, and how these might influence your decisions in the future. Dreaming of losing your way mirrors your feelings in waking life, a sense of lost purpose, or wanting to escape your responsibilities and routine. Dreaming of travelling in a car represents your life journey.

English is a useful language on holiday and if you are planning to travel when you're retired for example it's a good idea to have a refresher course!

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