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Glow Worms, do you have them in your garden?

What are glow worms?

The Glow-worm is a medium-sized, narrow beetle. The males look like typical beetles, but the females have no wings and look similar to the larvae.Glow-worms are most often found as larvae, living under rocks on chalk or limestone grassland, and feeding on slugs and snails.

What is the difference between Glow Worm and Firefly?

The difference between fireflies and glow-worms lies in the mere fact that fire flies are the winged forms capable of flight, whereas glow-worms represent the wingless and thus flightless members of the Family.

What time of year do glow worms glow?

The best time to look for glow worms is from around the middle of June to the middle of July, although this can vary from year to year and from place to place. The females normally start glowing at around ten o'clock at night, and can carry on until after midnight.

So now you know a bit more about them....let me know if you have actually seen one before. ("Actually" is a faux amis. It does not translate as "actuellement " but as "vraiment").

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