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I believe in New Year's resolutions do you?

Those of you who know me always say I'm very positive and that's part of my charm!

I think It's true..... I don't have a choice because I can't live my life any other way. I motivate myself with positivity. I always choose a positive outlook to help me through the day. I choose to be positive about every New Year that comes around. The New Year is important for me because I can renew my positive energy, start a new project, or if I failed at something last time ,I can give it another try. The New Year gives us this super opportunity to relaunch and renew our efforts! Thats fantastic!

Here are my top 3 resolutions for 2022.....

Alison is camping in the Pyrenees
New Years resolution number 1 ...spend more time at the top of a mountain.

  1. Spend more time hiking in the Pyrenees; This is an obvious choice as I live close to this majestic mountain range. I find it a challenge both physically and mentally when I go off on a hike with my rucksack on my back. I always return completely exhausted with my spirit completely renewed.

  2. Learn another language. Yes really! Learning to speak French was such a good thing to do I would now like to add another language to my repertoire. I'm still deciding which one but I'm going to put the first steps toward this very soon.

  3. Apply for my French Nationality. I have been saying this for a while now and so 2022 is the time I'm going to start and my son is going to help me and do his at the same time; Brexit has given me the push I needed to make the change.

What are your New Year's resolutions and why?

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Happy new year to you and all the ones you love dear Alison. Thank you for keeping your positive energy which is communicative ! Hope we'll meet again in 2022! I also tried to learn a new language in 2021 (Russian : hard!) and I'll try to improve in 2022. Good luck in your project (please let me know what language you've chosen!) and may all the good things you deserve happen! Virginie

Replying to

Hello Virginie. Thank you so much! It's lovely to hear from you and I do hope we see each other soon!; You are such an inspiring force always working on a new project and maintaining a quiet optimism. Russian is hard, my choices are between German or Italian. I should improve my Spanish too ....I'm going to decide on New Years day!

Love to all your wonderful family xxxx

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