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Irish accents and DERRY GIRLS on Netflix

I love this series but it's difficult to understand because of the Derry accent so I've included a transcript to help you understand part of this you tube video...find it's a transcript of the classroom scene. You can also answer the questions ! Let me know what you think.

This is 12A right?

That is correct miss.

And you are?

Jenny, Jenny Joyce

Here we go…”The Flower” by Jenny Joyce

You’re not gonna read it out are ya?

Of course poetry should always be read aloud….

Some flowers are tall

Some flowers are small

Some flowers barely grow at all


That’s not the end.

It should be

Here’s a poem about a dog….… here’s another one about a dog…..

This one has no name on it…..

An English rose among thorns.

I can see why you might want to remain anonymous.

Dog poem…..poem about a tree;

This one’s called “Boys”

It’s called Haiku

It’s not what I would call it.

Dog poem…dog poem

Ah here’s someone just drawn a picture of a dog.

That’s not bad actually

Thank you very much.

True or false:

  1. The teacher is teaching French

  2. The first poem the teacher reads out is a poem about flowers

  3. There are no boys in the classroom.

  4. One of the poems written is about boys.

Answer the questions :

  1. The teacher is teaching which subject?

  2. What is the most popular subject for a poem?

  3. Was the picture of the dog well drawn or badly drawn?

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