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Making the most of the restrictions here in the French Pyrenees

This winter our region has had a decent quantity of snow recently. This isn't always the case and often the ski resorts here don't have enough snow to provide good skiing for all of the season. Of course this year because of the Covid restrictions, the ski resorts have to stay closed. What a shame for those of us who love to ski and snowboard!

I dream about skiing effortlessly down sparkling winter slopes like a female James Bond but in reality I have never tried to ski even though we live less than 2 hours away from several good ski resorts.Quite simply I'm scared falling over and I grew up in the UK far away from the winter wonderland of the Pyrenees. John and I are making the most of the snowfall this year though and we've already been up to walk with snow shoes and take photos. John has a favourite tree that he likes to shoot and so the video shows John preparing his equipment for the shoot. We need snow shoes because the snow is at least knee height, if not thigh high and you can sink right down into the soft snow with each step when you walk off the beaten track.

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